“Unlike the advertising world expects, I’m not a specialist of 1 thing and I’m proud of it. 
I love shooting commercials and to explore different genres and approaches through my spots. They enrich continuously my creativity and my range of possibilities, in always pushing me higher, beyond what I know and manage already. This is my leitmotiv…
 As a creative, a good director is able to adapt to various topics and to confront new situations. What I haven’t experienced yet is 100 times more exciting and successful than being asked to re-make the same kind of film I’ve already done ! ”

Steven ADA is born in June 1970 in Paris, France. He studied Communication & Advertising at school during the early 90’s, while playing music in a pop band. Creative and highly passionated by CG and Graphic Design, Steven becames firstly, as fully autodidact, a pioneer in Europe in the mastery of After Effects technics and started his artistic career in directing Motion Design and graphic Titles Sequences for french TV channels (MCM, FRANCE TV, M6, …).

During the late 90’s, he teamed-up with his childhood friend (Eric Poulet) to form the directing duo LES SP6MEN (the « speci-men »), and founded a famous creative and independant digital FX studio named “Specimen”(1999). The duo boosted their creativity through their own post-production solutions, equipments and crews, and went on to become in the 2000’s in the top 5 of the most notable Music Video directors in France (Zazie, Marc Lavoine, Raphael, Johnny Hallyday, Florent Pagny, Calogero, Superbus, …). In the wake, they launched a successful start in TV Commercials with the leading french production company LES TELECREATEURS / INSURRECTION featuring great campaigns for PMU, VOLVIC, COTE D’OR, BNP PARIBAS, CARTE NOIRE, ORANGINA, … The 2 talented SP6MEN extended their business in producing by their own renowned music videos, few TVCs, and famed CG design works (such as the great opening titles sequence designed by Laurent Brett for HOSTAGE, a Miramax US movie with Bruce Willis and directed by Florent Emilio Siri), also directed and produced a 17 min thriller short movie shot in 35mm (RIVE GLAUQUE – SCUM). And In 2008 Steven left the duo to focus on a solo career.

Steven ADA is an experienced director, precise and exigent, considered as “a hard worker and a perfectionist, with a gentle character, creative and suitable to satisfy clients requirements”.
With his clean, contemporary, and vibrant style, Steven enjoys travelling all around the world to working on original and impressive concepts, emotive and spectacular scripts, through elegant and audacious treatments. Aside from being a talented TVC director, close to his actors and usually with camera in hand, his perfect technical skills allows him to be independant from the shooting until the final post-production delivery (in making by himslef – and according to the projects – its own editings, color gradings, vfx supervision & compositing jobs).
Versatile, he is able to adapt on different categories of visual projects (storytelling, sfx, lifestyle, beauty, visual comedy, cars, graphic & design, …) always with a research of aestheticism in a natural and emotional visual approach.

Based in Paris, Steven’s main reel (DIESEL, 7UP, RENAULT, GILLETTE, KARCHER, ORANGE and many other Telecom companies for different countries, …) hits the 4 corners of the world through different key representations.

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Visual Storytelling
SFX & Post
Actor Direction

  • "A multifaceted director with a strong background in VFX, Steven ADA’s work exhibits a seamless blend of high end design, great looking film, and a talent for storytelling."
  • "Whether tackling a visual storytelling assignment, cars, beauty, visual comedy or action, Steven shows a light touch and a sensitivity to performance rarely captured by directors with heavy post-production backgrounds."
  • "His film has a naturalness and elegance which makes him suited to a wide variety of creative briefs, from high design to natural lifestyle."

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